Is it possible to convert water to hydrogen to be burned as a fuel for your vehicle? I'll provide all the information that I could find so that you can make your own decision...

"Is the Concept of Getting Fuel from Water a Scam or Is It Actually Possible to Convert Your Automobile to Run On Water..."


From: Kevin Dixon

I know it seems like a scam ... the idea of converting an automobile to run on water rather than gasoline. But actually, if you think about it, it is not that far fetched.

Water is composed of two parts of hydrogen and one part oxygen. Hence, the chemical formula...H2O.

So if we could extract the Hydrogen and Oxygen from the water we could burn the Hydrogen as a fuel (it's highly efficient) and use the Oxygen as an oxidizer that assists in the burning of the hydrogen.


Simple. Yet not quite that simple. Read on...

Imagine with me for a moment what this would mean. It would mean that:

  • Water is abundant and is almost virtually free. Talking about miles per gallon would be a moot point. 

    Think about how much money you will save in a month...a year...or the lifetime of the vehicle?

  •  Water broken down into it's basic elements burns absolutely clean. There are no environmental side effects. The by-products are oxygen and water!

  • Forget about going to the gas station. You will be smiling every time you pass them by.

OK. I know what you are probably thinking...

If this is for real, is there any proof?

Well, I don't if it's possible to totally convert an automobile to run on water but there are already fully functioning hybrid vehicles.

There is a guy, Denny Klein, that says that his company, Hydrogen Technology Applications, will have a fully functional model in the future that is currently being developed.

Right now, however, this video shows a working hybrid that uses both gasoline and hydrogen from water. Check out this Fox News video:

So why don't the oil companies 
just invest in this system???


It's obvious isn't it? 

If the planet can be fueled by clean burning water...then the oil companies are out of the revenue stream. 

Actually, their plan is to produce hydrogen stations much like gas stations in which we would have to pay for their hydrogen...We would still be slaves to their prices!

Plus their system requires you to buy a car using a hydrogen fuel cell and right now they are very expensive. Far more expensive than the savings that could be realized using it.

However, while Danny Klein's engine is being developed there is something that you can do right now to dramatically save fuel costs...

Introducing Supplemental
Hydrogen Combustion

However, there is a solution that you can use right now to save up 60% of the gasoline that you use right now.

It's called supplemental hydrogen combustion. Basically it supplements gasoline as a fuel source in your vehicle's combustion chamber and enhances your vehicle's ability to burn all the fuel that is injected into the combustion chamber, eliminating unburned gasoline.

Benefits of using Supplemental Hydrogen:

  • It is very Inexpensive to produce - the hydrogen is produced from water
    and it uses very little.
  • It is extremely Clean - It will actually burn the carbon deposits in your engine and the byproduct is water making it very environmentally friendly.
  • It is very Safe -  It is safer than any other fuel source currently being used because it is not stored but rather used as it is produced.
  • It is Affordable - Right now you can either build a supplemental hydrogen unit for about $200 or you can purchase fully functional units starting at $247 at SaveFuel. (Gasoline & Diesel Engines). 

    Either option will save you hundreds and thousands of dollars in fuel costs
  • It is Renewable - Hydrogen is literally all around us in an unlimited quantity unlike fossil fuels that have limited reserves.

Finding More Information...

I'm fully aware that you may have many questions about this subject as I had because there is much more to it than I provide here.

That's why I have left it to the other websites to explain it in detail because they do a great job of doing just that 

You can either read about the basics and learn how you can connect with a community of tinkerer's and gain access to plans to build a unit yourself at the water4gas website.

Or you can read the Definitive Guide to Supplemental Hydrogen Injection by Jaco Bolle.

Update: I have negotiated with Jaco to get the first 2 chapters of his shocking ebook for you absolutely FREE. Click here to get your copy.

Personally, I have chosen to read the Definitive Guide to Supplemental Hydrogen Injection myself and buy the already built models because I'd rather not spend the time tinkering with building it myself. 

But the choice is yours...


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